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The most medical doctors in training learn regarding nutrition are a few hours of lectures while what we put into our bodies is literally what makes our body. To heal, one of the most important things to do is evaluate the current food intake and determine if it is the best possible.

 In general, diets are designed and are useful for a limited period of time, but they are usually not practical on the long run; it is best to find the finest eating habits to establish the healthiest possible lifestyle while considering that the particular nutrition for one person may not suit another.

Dr. Merizalde will review your current eating habits and help you determine what may be the best diet for you. In this area, you may need to have a nutritional evaluation based on blood, stool, and/or urine samples. These tests will also help determine if there are any gastrointestinal problems, including abnormal or dysfunctional bacteria in the intestines, or the presence of food allergies that may be contributing to your problems.