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Health Horizons Homeopathic Office Policies

To set up appointments

Call the office at 610.238.9963 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Merizalde. Assistants are available 11AM-5PM, Monday to Friday. You may call at any time and leave a message letting us know the best time to reach you. Your call will be returned no later than the next business day. Please be sure to include your telephone number, speak slowly and intelligibly.

In case of emergencies

If you need immediate medical attention, please go to the nearest emergency room.

Cost of services

Fees for Dr. Merizalde’s services during office visits and telephone, Zoom/Skype consultations are based on the length of time and the complexity of the service. Brief telephone consultations, under five minutes, are provided at no cost. Otherwise, clinical services or telephone, Skype/Zoom consults will be charged proportionally to the time spent and the level of medical expertise required for your condition and based on an hourly rate of $260. Most of the fees charged are close to Medicare’s “maximum allowable charges” for similar clinical services. The frequency and length of the clinical services needed to treat your condition vary individually. Fees are subject to change. 

Dr. Merizalde has chosen not to participate with any managed care provider panels (HMOs) and has Opted-Out of Medicare. Most insurance /HMO plans that have an “out-of-network” or “point-of-service” coverage will reimburse some portion of the costs of your medical care. Most insurance companies have an “approved amount” for the clinical services and have deductibles. Some companies will also deduct the “co-pay.” reimbursements from your insurance depend on those variables which differ, depending on your policy, even within the same company. You should call your carrier to confirm coverage. You will be notified of any changes in the fee schedule prior to any service. 

Fees are payable at the time of service. Dr. Merizalde will provide an invoice which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Most insurance companies do not cover for telephone consultations or case management (writing of medical reports, consultations with other specialists for coordination of care, etc.). The charges incurred for these services and any other services not covered by your insurance company will be your responsibility.


If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please notify the office at least 24 business hours in advance. There will be consideration if the cancellation is due to an emergency. Otherwise you will be charged for the missed appointment.

Questions and concerns

If you have any questions about your bill or any questions or comments about the management of Dr. Merizalde’s practice, please contact him directly. Your satisfaction with the clinical services you receive is of the utmost importance. If you are discontent with the services provided, please notify Dr. Merizalde immediately.

Bernardo A. Merizalde, M.D.

600 Germantown Pike

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

phone: 610.238.9963

fax: 610.238.0460

website: www.pahomeopathy.com

e-mail: bermeriz@bmerizaldemd.com