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Besides an optimal functioning of the body we also need an optimal functioning of the mind and emotional system to achieve a fulfilling and happy life. Since we don’t come to life with a personalized operational manual, the adaptation to life and successful coping through various, inevitable, challenges can be difficult despite the best love and effort of our caregivers.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to figure what are the particular obstacles that may be in our way to work through and heal those challenging aspects of our experience; it can be a painful process. It is usually necessary to work with someone who knows the path to healing from emotional difficulties and life challenges.

There are various modalities of counseling, and one doesn’t fit everyone, of every stage in the process of healing. Dr. Merizalde has received training and has researched various modalities of counseling and applies them to each person according to their need and preference. In some instances it may be helpful to work with another counselor when more intensive treatment may appear necessary.