What’s new in homeopathy

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What’s new in homeopathy?

Skeptics assume that homeopathy is an outdated practice with nothing new to offer. They couldn’t be more wrong.
The homeopathic remedies that Samuel Hahnemann developed over 200 years ago were effectively used to treat a variety of illnesses. Experience and efforts to match remedies—the law of similars—to the patient’s exact symptoms led to almost 200 remedies recorded by both Hahnemann and William Boericke in their Materia Medica. Homeopaths continue to use these tried-and-true remedies and to experiment to find even more effective solutions for their patients.

Since Hahnemann’s time, “modern” medicine has come into its own, offering other answers for contagious diseases, but not without limitations such as side effects, drug resistance, etc. However, chronic ailments and hard-to-treat diseases have also increased as society and life have become more complicated. Advances in homeopathy offer hope and relief for some of the greatest medical challenges of our times. Homeopathy
• Battles cancer cells
• Combats infection when antibiotics are not tolerated or are of no use due to anti-microbial resistance
• Eases the effects of aging including cognitive decline, bone loss, and hot flashes
• Helps those with autism
• Improves public health, combatting widespread outbreaks of disease
• Lowers cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease
• Offers thousands of remedies which can be matched to the patient’s specific symptoms instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to care
• Provides safe alternatives for children and teens with chronic conditions
• Relieves chronic pain
• Treats a host of common illnesses safely and cost-effectively

Homeopathy is not new. However, new research is proving the value of homeopathic remedies and suggesting new uses for them in the future.

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